Australian Women Victim in Qatar airport describes invasive search ‘nightmare’

Australian Victim of the strip-search, conducted by Qatar authorities last month, came forward to share her tale and how the entire episode of barbarity left her shaken. Jane, a name given to the Australian young nurse from Victoria, who did not want to reveal her identity told 60minutes to Australia.

“It was incredibly unfair…we all wondering why. But we had no choice”

She added that Qatar authorities should be held accountable for degrading abuse and an invasive personal examination. Recalling the incident she that after boarding the Qatar Airways flight 908 to Sydney on October 2, an announcement was made, asking all the female passengers to step down from the plane along with their passports. She said that all the women travelers were escorted by heavily armed to a private area of the airport, where ambulances were parked.

Aisha Al-Qahtani, a Qatari resident who escaped her country for a better and safer life in Britain said that what happened with female passengers at the airport was horrible and disturbing but she wasn’t shocked. Summing the way Qatar treats women, she said, “To be a woman in Qatar is criminal’.

The incident led to global outrage as Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne highlighted that a similar drill was conducted on all women passengers on 10 flights, 18 in total, 13 of whom were bound for Sydney. Payne slammed the authorities for “grossly disturbing” and “offensive” treatment of women.

International watchdog Human Rights Watch labeled the indecent act by Qatari authorities equivalent to sexual assault as the “women were given no information and did not have an opportunity to provide informed consent”.

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