Coronavirus also flies on board of the Air Force1. It infected the president of the us , Donald Trump, and First Lady Melania. That was announced on Twitter by the top of the White House himself. “The First Lady and that i tested positive for Covid-19. we’ll begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. we’ll get through this TOGETHER!”.

The president’s doctor confirmed the news of Donald and Melania’s positivity, stating that they’re fine. Donald will still perform his duties “without any interruption,” he added. But the White House announced that the president canceled the trip to Florida scheduled for today as a part of his electoral campaign. a couple of hours before the test result, Trump also confirmed that Hope Hicks, one among Donald Trump’s most trusted advisors, tested positive on Thursday. A news that worried tons , because both Tuesday and Wednesday, he had flown alongside the president — without a mask — accompanying him first to Cleveland to participate at the primary televised debate of this 2020 campaign. Then to Duluth, Minnesota, where Trump had held one outdoors. the invention of positivity happened on Thursday evening: an anonymous source first revealed it to a Bloomberg reporter.

Then it had been confirmed by Trump, announcing on Twitter that he had done the test, along side Melania, which he had quarantined himself: “Hope Hicks, who worked very hard without ever taking an opportunity , is additionally positive for COVID. One terrible news. the primary Lady and that i are expecting the test results. within the meantime, we start the quarantine process.” Soon after came the foremost feared result: the presidential couple is positive. In his eighth decade of life, Trump belongs to the age bracket deemed most susceptible to the virus. Eight out of 10 deaths within the u. s. were among those over sixty five Associate in Nursing older. Trump has perpetually opposed permitting details of his health to travel public, raising doubts regarding his general condition. In November, he created an unpredicted trip to Reed National Military center , that prompted many speculations that he had an illness. however the White House insisted that he simply underwent routine testing.

Hicks, a 31-year-old former model, was the White House chief of communications. Except departure the scene in 2018 when admitting lying to intelligence to protect the president. terribly trustworthy of the first hour, an thorough friend of the “First Daughter” Ivanka, within the past, she had addressed the general public relations of the Trump Organization, and in 2016, she had been the spokesperson for the primary presidential campaign then director of strategic communications. for a few months, Trump had called her back to his side, precisely to assist call at the new campaign. And shewasalways by his side last week.

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