former Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri died in Qatar

Unconfirmed reports that the leader who served as the head of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda after the death of Osama bin-laden is dead.

The director of the SITE intelligence group tweeted hinting towards the matters saying that there are rumors which are yet to be verified. Despite several reports in the media, the Qatari government is yet to comment anything on it given that according to these reports his death has been reported in Qatar.

Any of these reports can prove to be true if either Al-Qaeda or the Qatari government confirms the reports or denies it but nothing is being said. This is especially complicated because the whereabouts of Zawahri are also not known to the intelligence units.

But as of Qatar, even if the gulf country does not comment on the reports and speculations of terrorist’s death, it won’t be shocking as Qatar is known to support the terror group.

Even now Qatar will try to not disclose anything to prevent itself from releasing documents that might have essential information about the operations of the terrorist group. The group will also not be confirming the death as that is the very nature of the workings of this organization.

They followed a similar approach during the death of one of its members Hamza bin Laden. Another member Adam Gadahn’s death was only confirmed five months after his death was actually reported.

The terrorist organisation will be looking for a new successor, that is if the reports are true. Like Zawahiri, the group will try and look for a face that has good connections with different branches of the organisation and is also somebody who can bring back the group into action. The intelligence agencies will be keeping an eye on their every move and agendas and warn the respective countries.

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