Houthis taking advantage of the Stockholm Agreement for terror activities

On Saturday the Houthi militants have been taking advantage of the 2018 Stockholm Agreement with the Yemen government to further their terror activities in the conflict-ridden country, the country’s information minister, Muammar Al-Eryani said.

Al-Eryani cited a failed terror attempt on Saturday of the Iran-backed group in Hodeidah using two explosive-laden boats.

The militia’s “use of the [Red Sea] ports of Hodeidah Alsalif, Ras Esa to prepare bomb-laden, remotely controlled boats confirms that Houthis have used the Stockholm Agreement to serve their terror activities,” Al-Eryani said in a report by state news agency SABA.

The thwarted attacks “show again the serious danger that the continued Houthi control on parts of the coasts of Hodeidah poses to the security of commercial vessels, oil tankers and international shipping lanes,” he added.