Iran’s militias push the Middle East toward all-out war

Iraq, Syria, and Yemen as bargaining chips to gain more leverage in any prospective nuclear negotiations with the US are now acknowledged facts requiring no further proof.

Instead, the discussion now is about the extent to which Tehran is willing to deploy its proxy militias across the region and instruct them to launch devastating offensive operations, ultimately leading to all-out war. Are the Gulf states militarily and socially prepared to counter the ramifications of such a catastrophic war? And what would be the role of the US, Europe and the wider international community if this scenario played out?

Iran seeks to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously, including opening a new front on the northern border of Saudi Arabia in addition to continuing its hostilities on the southern front, where the Houthi militia threatens the Kingdom and the Arab coalition in an effort to strengthen support for the Houthis’ claims of legitimacy in Yemen.

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