Qatar get rid of its Attorney General without announcing any gratitude for what he provided

The first week of July President of France Emmanuel Macron received a long letter signed by Sheikh Ahmed bin Khalid bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Qassim bin Mohammed al-Thani. In the letter, he accuses Qatari Attorney General Ali bin Fetais al-Marri of misusing and mismanaging the wealth of Qatar for his own profit. He also pointed out that the General used France as a refuge to commit criminal acts with regard to international justice.

The letter urges the French court to critically analyse the situation and expedite an investigation into all investments and acquisitions in France whose beneficiaries are Qatari officials and their relatives, signalling that that these investments belonging to companies registered in Malta, Luxembourg, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, and Bermuda are exempt from taxation in France.

This is not the first time when the General is accused of such allegations, rather he is already the subject of a complaint to the UN, under the acts of violations with the United Nations Human Rights Council.

On the other hand, this incident highlights the Qatari government’s sale to the Attorney General by dismissing him without announcing any gratitude for what he provided throughout his 19 years of service. It is showing charges in daylight about the corruption of the Qatari Attorney General and finding a charge of embezzlement of his personal interests, with the clarification that he was the president of the International Association of Anti-Corruption Agencies. These advancements are made so as to secure and protect Qatar’s reputation, especially because of the upcoming World Cup next year, due to the presence of many Qatari violations.

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