Qatar seek to take Saudi Arabia’s position in the Islamic world

In Afghanistan Crisis Qatar immediately appeared as a key player in the Afghani drama and replace Saudi Arabia's leadership these political and humanitarian drama of Afghanistan is taking place these days

In this view, Doha has played a mediating role for over ten years between the various forces, internal and foreign, involved in Afghanistan, including the Taliban. The historic agreement between the Trump administration and the Taliban leaders on the withdrawal of Americans from the country, the deal now considered a harbinger of the current situation, was signed in Doha, from which it also takes its name. Recent meetings between the Taliban and Afghan political forces continue to be held in the Qatari capital. It is very probable that future meetings to find a peace agreement will always be in Doha.

What Qatar doing are not in coordination with Saudi Arabia, but with America

It seems that Qatar believes that it will find its own precise and irreplaceable strategic location and that would give Qatari leadership guarantees regarding its safety and power.

I was born to do exactly what I’m doing today!!!