“The Changing Tripes of Biden Over Unity Reflects the Leader that He is”

I want to share an interesting point about what I read and to bring us to that realization in dealing with the current issue in US. If Biden truly considered himself to be a candidate for unity, he would show it by asking the world’s Olbermanns where to stick it up. This week, Biden meekly said he is “not a big fan of” court packing, which is more than enough wiggle room to leave people questioning where he really stands.

The fact that Biden is not going to put this norm-busting concept back in his Pandora ‘s Box tells us everything we need to know about the rickety façade of his campaign, a sweet storefront hiding inside some angry customers. And the customer is always right at the Biden Store. But I fear another four years less than the “transitional” term of Biden, amid all the difficulties and errors of Trump, because it is abundantly clear that Biden lacks the vigor and self-confidence to stand up to the radicals in his party.