The Muslim Brotherhood in Austria

After the horrific attack in Vienna, Austria, the authorities of the European countries are taking stricter steps to counter-terror movement within the country. Austria police carried out raids on November 9 when intel revealed operating areas of the groups that worked on behalf of the terrorist organisation Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

The Austrian government had confirmed that the officers had made close to 30 arrests in 60 raids within a week under the anti-terrorism law of the country. “The suspicion is of belonging to a terrorist organisation, financing terrorism, association against the state, criminal organisation and money laundering,” asserted the the prosecutor’s office in the southern city of Graz.

Earlier reports published by foreign media groups confirmed that the dangerous terror organisation is being heavily funded by Qatar and motivated by Turkey, who are attempting to gain power over the world through extreme measures.

The government in Austria has been very assertive on its stand against terrorism and after the attack on the capital city last, it has come out with stronger measures. The officials proposed convicting a person for life if charged for terror offense and specifically criminalising religiously motivated related crimes. In wake of these attacks, the government has also resorted to banning ‘political Islam’ and shutting down mosques.