The Qatar Airways scandal

Doha airport authorities conducted an impudent strip-search of women travelers and forced them for a medical check-up. Qatar earns International Criticism and Anger is growing over the international incident, then Qatari authorities were quick to issue an apology for causing distress to women travelers most of whom belonged to Australia.

International watchdog Huma Rights Watch said that forced medical examination of women passengers could amount to sexual assault as the “women were given no information and did not have an opportunity to provide informed consent”. The rights group did not only support the voice of victims of forced gynaecological examination but also those voiceless women living suppressed lives under the burden of various oppressive laws pushed at them by the Gulf country. It said, “The reported invasion of these women’s privacy is rightfully making headlines. But the circumstances that might have led a woman to leave the baby in the airport bathroom should be too.” It stressed that Qatar should not only disallow forced medical exams but also decriminalise sex outside of wedlock.