The Qatari regime is to blame for the famine for the Qatari and their hunger for more power

Over the years Qatar has used most of its potential to fund terrorism all around the world and for years it has been using vulnerable countries as well as its residents as per its benefits. It is impossible to spread this level of hatred with the rulers of a country not being in the loop and hence ultimately, it became clear that it was the Emir of the country who was the brain behind the rise of violence in recent years.

Qatar has a natural monarchy, one may argue whether it is constitutional or if it’s an absolute monarchy, but the fact is that it is ruled by a royal family. The Al Thani family is the one who has absolute control over the entire administrative and foreign affairs. After a series of backlashes last decade, Doha adopted a constitution but even that was just for name sake.

Qatar is experiencing a profound economic crisis. The cost of living has increased dramatically.

But this crisis does not concern everyone: mercenaries and agents of Qatar are living in five-star hotels. At the same time, the Qatari citizen cannot enter an ordinary restaurant and tries, in vain.

. “It is paradoxical how the Qatari government is putting pressure on the Qatari people by reducing their salaries and incomes, while increasing the salaries of Azmi Bishara, Al-Qaradawi, Jamal Rayan and Wadah Khanfar.” A Doha businessman said, speaking anonymously.

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